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Published by george on Friday, November 25, 2022

You need to open your comments section and then copy the url (this should be from your home page)
Next edit your theme static.tpl
Look for this {/static}
Underneath that put this code in

<BR /><a href="YOUR COMMENTS PAGE URL" method="get" target="_parent">
<img src="../imgs/bullet.png" border="0"> Add a comment

save the file and all your static pages will have a Add a comment link
I feel i should explain this in more detail
adding comments from static pages this way will add the comments to a post on your flatpress site
there isnt currently a way to add static page comments as static pages are saved as txt files.
i run two instances of flatpress one is solely for my sites home page the other is the blog. both are identical apart from my posts are not visible on the home page site neither are my static pages. i edit the static page menu to achieve this.
this enables me to have a backup in case i mess up the blog site.
So i can then send all my static page comments to my home page post

The other way of doing this is to create a post like a home page so it is your first post on your blog and then send your static page comments to that post

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